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Quicker processing of data

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All knowledge of your emloyees up to date

> 10.000tokens
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Everywhere and anytime the latest version

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Automatic gerenation of end specifications

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Map your processes easilly

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About Carenetonline

Carenet is an all-in-one application that consists of several modules. Which modules to use is entirely up to you. We offer automated QA solutions to optimize the quality management system.

With the modules of CareNet you will have grip on the quality assurance within the entire company. From one main application you can exactly monitor what happens in the area of quality and food safety. The commitment of your employees can be enlarged by the use of CareNet. By the use of unique sign in codes per employee you can determine yourselve who can view which data and which actions they have to perform. In this way, the quality assurance is not only a case of the quality managers, but there is support within the entire organization.

Our priorities

User friendly

CareNet is just as user friendly as the websites you use daily. You can log in, view and adapt process data and collaborate with colleagues everywhere. You can start immediately.

Flexible setup

No companies are the same. For that reason, you can easily adapt CareNet to the unique requirements of your company and industry. With a few clicks you can design CareNet to your wishes.

Automatic updates

With CareNet you never have to install new updates. CareNet is a webbased application in which updates will be implemented automatically. In this way you always have the latest version.

Payment for use

With CareNet you do not have any costs in advance. Instead of that, you pay for use and enjoy your investment right a way. Upgrades to the latest version of the application are incorporated in the price.


The CareNet application is secured with an accepted and approved certificate. This means that all data send via CareNet is encrypted and your data is stored on our servers in a save way.

#1 QA software of the Netherlands:

Customer experiences

Our key values


The CareNet application is
the online QA software to
create insight into and to
assure control points and
important measuring

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With CareNet you convert
data into information to work
quicker and more efficiently.
Sharing data quickly and
easily with your own company
and with chain partners.

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With CareNet you obtain
transparancy within your
company and the entire
chain. The online QA software
exists out of: inspections,
e-learning, handbook and

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